~ Who We Choose To Be* ~

By Joanie Marx

Larry Moss is a world-renowned acting coach and I am greatly honored to have studied with him for over six years. The importance of acting and the lessons I learned under Larry’s inspiring, but emotionally grueling tutelage, helped me look at my own upbringing and prepared me to explore the collective experience of Baby Boomers through a different lens.

Actors need to be seen, heard and understood. For most Boomers, this seldom happened in our childhood homes. We were not allowed to speak our truths, our voice was stifled and being ourselves was rarely tolerated. As a result, most of us didn’t even know who our true, authentic selves were. What does an unhappy childhood have to do with acting or any creative endeavor?

In gifted and resilient individuals, stress and unhappiness in youth may help them to develop the power of fantasy and imagination. My generation helped change the world through our creativity and ingenuity. But, what if we had been allowed to express ourselves more openly at a younger age? What if we were raised with less stigma about being unique?


Instead of being shamed for our differences, can we imagine how much we could have achieved had we been taught to see beauty in the unique ways we express ourselves? Would the world be different if the Baby Boomer generation were provided a nurturing space and stimulating framework to actually explore who we were without being shoved into a cookie-cutter mold?

We certainly cannot go back in time and change how we were raised and most of us wouldn’t, even if we had the chance to. What’s important in addressing these questions is to see where our lives could have been vastly improved and take that knowledge and pass it on to the younger generations. In doing so we help play a significant role in breaking the cycle of the Baby Boomer myths, which we have all unknowingly helped sustain.

Our struggles were not in vain. They helped us grow into who we are in ways that may not have happened if things were different during our childhood and early adult lives. Even so, what we cannot change about the past, we can change about our present lives right now. Within each of us is the creative power to clear whatever baggage we are still carrying and step into the roles we were born to play. However, to do that we have to give ourselves the space to not only be present, but it is necessary we learn to take responsibility for who we choose to be.


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Joanie Marx

A leading authority on refocusing and renewing your life, Joanie Marx, is a three-time international bestselling author and Storytelling Magician™ who is revolutionizing the way people of all ages create sustainable love, abundance, and happiness in their lives.

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She is the host of three engaging and empowering weekly video series, which launched in April of 2022 on her YouTube channel.

Joanie is also a regular contributor to the popular online magazine, Sixty and Me.