Let Go Of What Is Weighing You Down

Are You Ready To Live Your Best Life Now?

By Joanie Marx

Imagine, for just a moment, you were given an opportunity to take the accumulative experiences of your life and utilize them to rewrite your life story? Outside of a few cosmetic differences in the way your life may look and feel like, could you guarantee that your new story would really be that much different than the one you are looking to improve on?

Making adjustments to our life to improve our happiness is something we all do. What happens, though, is most of us don’t give ourselves permission to dig deeper into the underlying cause of how we think and behave the way we do. This produces a predictable cycle of events that sees us achieve portions of what we desire, only to watch ourselves routinely be unsatisfied. 

Believing there are unseen and uncontrollable forces that limit the amount of love, happiness and success we can have, we unknowingly accept that pervasive myth about scarcity, which tells us there is not enough love, happiness and success to go around. 

Is that really true? If not, what can we do to write a new and improved version of our life without falling into the same unsatisfactory habits of our past?


Rewriting our life story allows us to express our true inner beauty without limits. But if we are not consciously aware of what is behind the limits we have felt and seen in our life up to now, we may improve our life on a surface level, but most likely we will leave the cause of our inner turmoil untouched.

There are a number of reasons that cause us to overlook the inherent issues that covertly sabotage our well-intentioned plans for living our best life. One very important issue is that most of us were raised with a stigma about being unique.Instead of being shamed for our differences, how much more of a fulfilling life could any of us have created had we been taught to see beauty in the unique ways we genuinely and naturally express ourselves?

Without recognizing and appropriately addressing our fears of scarcity and unworthiness, we could rewrite a portion of our life, making some area better than it was, but unless we let go of the baggage we are carrying deep within us, which we have attached large portions of our identity to, whatever we did to improve our life will seem limited and unfulfilling.


With that in mind, the first step in rewriting our story is to identify the Seven Baby Boomer Myths. Some might say, “well I’m not a Baby Boomer” so these myths don’t apply to me. In truth, they apply to all of us because these myths were the foundation for how not only Baby Boomers were raised, but also the generations that followed.   

Since we cannot go back in time to change parts of our lives we wished were different, we can use the foundation for how we were raised to break through the challenges of our present day lives, and rewrite a story that is worthy of who we truly are. Not somewhere in the future or the past, but in the only moment that matters. Now. 

To accomplish this, it is necessary we look at, understand and then break the Seven Baby Boomer Myths.

Break the 7 Baby Boomer Myths - Joanie Marx

The Seven Baby Boomer Myths

  1. Myth of Scarcity: The root of all myths says we cannot have all that we want because there is not enough abundance for everyone. This places us in an unnatural mode of survival whereby most everyone we cross paths with is perceived – consciously or unconsciously – as either a threat or a solution to our happiness.    
  1. Myth of Shame and Blame: The myth that says we must follow the rules, respect our elders and not question authority. To question authority results in us being shamed and blamed into submissive silence. This myth protects the status quo, serving as the foundation for the fortress that keeps us imprisoned to all other myths.
  1. Myth of Aging: Society has been conditioned to perceive aging as an ugly, painful and distasteful disease. Therefore, as we get older the belief we are not sleek or sexy underscores the desire to seek outside gratification in a myriad of forms.
  1. Myth of Love: Dictates the prevailing belief that there is not enough love to go around. Believing this myth convinces us love is fickle; it hurts and cannot be trusted.
  1. Myth of Prince Charming: The carrot dangled in front of society that says if we follow the rules, we will live happily ever after. These rules state that fulfillment is not within but outside of us. Thus, Prince Charming symbolizes our outside search to fulfill an inner void of abandonment and unworthiness.
  1. Myth of Self-Worth: Predicated on the belief the only way to be loved and appreciated is to please everyone but our self, stripping us of our self-worth. Whatever the criteria to gain approval from others, it is widely accepted that the criteria must be met or exceeded, otherwise we have little value to those we seek the most love, respect and acknowledgement from.
  1. Myth of Physical Beauty: If perceived as unattractive and ugly, we are deemed undesirable, unwanted and easily discarded. This myth underscores the belief that to be physically youthful and beautiful is to be loved, admired and wanted. Although inner beauty is spoken of more today than ever before, this myth of physical beauty is still widely believed, giving inner beauty little social value.


Where these seven myths have hindered us the most is in how they kept a majority of society chained to the idea that happiness is outside of us. This kept us running tirelessly in circles, believing love and success existed somewhere other than where it’s always been; within each of us.

So what is the secret to rewriting your life story and breaking the Seven Baby Boomer Myths?  

The answer is Self-Love. This is less about being narcissistic and self-serving, and more about knowing there is no shortage of happiness in our lives. But to see this abundance and welcome it into our lives right now, it is necessary we accept we are very worthy of it. We are, after all, our own Prince Charming.


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