Meet Joanie Interview Joanie BOOKS BOOKS by Joanie Marx by Joanie Marx Read Joanie's Books Refocus & Renew Your Life™ Now Refocus & Renew Your Life™ Now #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Joanie Marx, can help you let go of the baggage holding
you back from loving all that you are and living your best life right now.
#1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Joanie Marx, can help you let go of the baggage holding
you back from loving all that you are and living your best life right now.
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Who Is the Invisible Customer with All the Money™?

If you are ready to create the life you desire without emotional baggage weighing you down…this book is for you!

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In the highly anticipated sequel to her first book, #1 Amazon best-selling author, Joanie Marx, dives deeper into The Seven Myths of Love & Happiness® and how to break the rules that enforce them.

In the pages of In Spite Of…she delivers eye-opening insights that are eloquently woven into inspiring true stories for overcoming your life’s biggest obstacles with the help of the Six Steps to Refocus & Renew Your Life®.

From learning how to unpack your emotional baggage to unlocking the power of your true self, this book will show you that doors of opportunity can be opened at any time and at any age when you Refocus & Renew Your Life™. 

Joanie Marx is your guide to Refocus & Renew Your Life™

A leading authority on refocusing and renewing your life, Joanie Marx, is revolutionizing the way people of all ages perceive love, aging, success, and happiness. 

Joanie is the author of the new, groundbreaking book, “In Spite Of…:How to Refocus & Renew Your Life in Spite of the Obstacles on the Path to Love & Happiness”, which is the sequel to her acclaimed #1 Amazon Best Seller, “Facelifts, Money & Prince Charming: Break Baby Boomer Myths & Live Your Best Life”.

A pioneer and inspiring presence in both the world of Hollywood and business, Joanie is a co-founder of a multi-million dollar consumer product company and has enjoyed over 30 years as a full-time character actress in Hollywood. 

A master storyteller, with generationally relevant wisdom to share, Joanie is well versed in keeping an audience engaged with her inspiring take on timely and relevant topics, making her  a popular guest for television and radio shows, as well as podcasts.  

Be, Do, & Have All Your Heart Desires!

A new, three-module MasterClass that teaches you how to Refocus & Renew Your Life® when and where it matters most. Best of all...the MasterClass is FREE!

In this transformative MasterClass, based on the groundbreaking book, “In Spite Of…”, #1 Amazon Best Selling author, Joanie Marx, is joined by author, content strategist, and podcast host, Peter Clark Nelson.

In three inspiring and deeply immersive modules, Joanie and Peter will share with you timeless lessons, wisdom, insights, and techniques for where and how to Refocus & Renew Your Life®.  Each module is carefully designed to make your inner journey to reclaim the power of your true self more enjoyable, empowering, and easy.

In the first two modules, Joanie and Peter reveal the hidden meaning behind how The Seven Myths of Love & Happiness® have covertly directed and damaged the lives of millions of people, from all walks of life, and over the course of several generations. 

In the third and final module, you will be introduced to The Six Steps to Refocus and Renew Your Life®, which are not only the antidote to breaking free from the myths but they will illuminate your pathway to rediscovering your true self.

Access to FREE MasterClass will be available on 11/18/2020!

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“You took my words and created a multi-dimensional performance with heart. You brought an abundance of life, passion, and enthusiasm to the project.” 

~ Sarah Chase ~

Lead Copywriter, Walter Thompson, New York 

“Both of your segments were packed with useful information for our viewers. We love your enthusiasm and high energy, Joanie, and look forward to having you on Sac & Co again soon.”

~ Mellisa Paul ~

 Emmy Award Winner & Host of “Sac & Co”

“Out of all the speakers and performers, you were consistently the best. Thank you for making our event a memorable one.”

~ Megan Titus ~

Event Coordinator & Co-Producer of V-Day, Los Angeles