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By Joanie Marx

In our youth we didn’t accept the ideas of aging. Remaining forever young underscored our belief we could not be denied what was ours to have. Even in setbacks we found new ways of persevering. This was especially true when no cheese was discovered down the path we were traveling.

We knew of people who discovered cheese down seemingly impossible paths, so we believed it could be done when others said it was impossible. This reinforced the idea that all it took to manifest the illusive cheese was never giving up, regardless of how much energy and time it took. We Baby Boomers had an abundance of energy and time. Or so we thought.

As we begin to age, we see our life’s finishing line on the horizon. Now, we know time is finite. Scarcity starts to look and feel very real as the reality of time and our capacity to manufacture the energy we once had in our physical youth diminish. If we believe we no longer have our youthful looks, or can summon the energy to find the cheese, there is a real danger of perceiving one’s self as no longer useful to society.


Depression, anger and anxiety settle in and from there it is a slippery slope into manifesting life’s worst experiences. This is precisely where the media, advertising and entertainment industries step in and play off of the ideas of aging as a disease, reinforcing scarcity driven thoughts. If there was ever a status quo for us to disrupt, it is this one.

There is more creative energy within us than we have been led to believe. We need to say to ourselves, “there is no cheese down this hole” and proudly move on to another path until we find the hole with the cheese. Can we accept that we have time and energy in the present moment of our lives to do this?

What if we rewrite the script we were given many years ago and accept we are worthy and good enough? If we did, would we be so willing to see new opportunities that fit our present life? Or would we waste time and effort looking for something that isn’t there and doesn’t fit who we are now?

Image is titled, “Time Flies” by the gifted artist at: http://janussyndicate.deviantart.com/art/Time-Flies-85400304 

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