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What Defines A Trailblazer?

What defines a trailblazer?

Is it someone who sees the opportunity for change where no one else does and introduces a new, groundbreaking idea?

Is it someone who senses change is already afoot, and takes inspired action on new opportunities before anyone else?

Or is it someone who paves a path to love, happiness, and fulfillment for themselves by choosing to no longer hide their true self behind layers of shame and doubt?

To answer those questions, the first process to engage with to being a trailblazer in your life is to Get Clear What a Trailblazer Means for You.

This requires letting go of pre-conditioned ideas about what you once believed a trailblazer is or what it takes to be one. For example, most people perceive a trailblazer by their outer activities and physical achievements.

But what if this was all backward?

To get clear on what being a trailblazer is in your life means going about it from the inside-out.

Under this reinverted premise, being a trailblazer in your life comes down to how willing you are to love yourself so much that you no longer willing to submit to the temptation of limiting beliefs.

This paves the way for more of your authentic self to show up.

The more authentic you allow yourself to be the closer you are to being a trailblazer in your life.
There are many ways to go about this but perhaps the most important is becoming aware of how to remove both real and imagined obstacles to your overall sense of well-being.


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