What You Seek Is Seeking You

What You Seek Is Seeking You

To Be What It Is You Seek becomes easy to embody when you understand the opportunities and people you seek to attract are also seeking you, as 13th-century Persian poet Rumi famously wrote.

Your outer desires are reflected in the mirror of your soul, which are shown to you by what you attract in the outside world.

If you desire more love in your life, you will want to remove beliefs of unworthiness for love. If you desire more prosperity you will want to remove beliefs of scarcity.

To Be What It Is You Seek, therefore, is knowing and accepting what you seek is within you now. It is knowing that nothing outside of you can truly bring you long-lasting love, happiness or fulfillment.

Once you know your happiness comes from within, you are much more aligned with attracting ideal people and opportunities that honor who you are.


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