Aha Moments #3

Being Present with Nature

Welcome to my latest series, “Aha Moments with Joanie”. In the third episode, I share some insights about the cycle of life that nature reveals to us.

The thing is that when we get too busy and overwhelmed with how we think life should be we miss out on the aha moments that nature shares every day about life.

All we have to do us slow down, get present and be willing to see and hear the infinite wisdom of nature.


Released each Saturday, “Aha Moments with Joanie” are quite different from my other video series. In these short vignettes, I will be sharing personal experiences on a diverse set of topics that have reshaped my inner and outer perceptions of life.

Joanie Marx

A leading authority on refocusing and renewing your life, Joanie Marx, is a three-time international bestselling author and Storytelling Magician™ who is revolutionizing the way people of all ages create sustainable love, abundance, and happiness in their lives.

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She is the host of three engaging and empowering weekly video series, which launched in April of 2022 on her YouTube channel.

Joanie is also a regular contributor to the popular online magazine, Sixty and Me.