The Experts Cure

Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller

Late last year, I was selected to be a part of a groundbreaking anthology book called, “The Experts Cure: How Entrepreneurs Are Changing the World”.

I was honored as being the author chosen to have the first chapter in the book. My chapter is titled, “The Invisible Customer With all the Money®”.

When it was released in March of this year, the book quickly became a #1 Amazon bestseller. Over the next two months, “The Experts Cure” skyrocketed to also become a bestselling book on the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

The image is a gorgeous plaque I recently received from the book’s publisher ‎Best Seller Publishing, honoring this incredible milestone.

The book features twenty leading edge entrepreneurial influencers and business leaders, who were asked to write a chapter about how they are personally playing a role in positively changing the world, especially during what has been a radical, global transformation this past year.

Thank you again to everyone who has ordered “The Experts Cure” and written a testimonial for it on Amazon. You helped bring additional awareness to the inspirational topics shared by the wonderful authors who are in the book.

To read my chapter, “The Invisible Customer With All The Money®”, and other chapters visit Amazon. The link is in the comments.


Visit Amazon to purchase your copy of “The Experts Cure”.



Joanie Marx

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