Waiting (Poem)

This is a poem I wrote about the recent passing of my beloved husband, Joe.

Originally this was written just for myself as I was processing through the grief of his passing. I shared it with a few close friends, who all commented how much they could relate and resonate with it.

Some of them even recommended that when I feel up to it, sharing this publicly may be good for others who are either going through something similar, or know someone who is.

Just because there was a long illness, and the diagnosis foreshadowed the end, it did not make the grieving process easier. I honestly thought it would.

Regularly journaling of my thoughts and emotions, along with remaining focused on my new online courses has helped. Yet, the one thing that helps as much as any, is to honestly allow the grieving process to flow through without resistance.

I want to thank everyone for their loving thoughts and supportive presence.


Joanie Marx

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