Weekly Insights With Joanie 3

Overcome 3 Biggest Obstacles to Reuniting with Your True Self

Welcome to the third episode of my new series, “Weekly Insights with Joanie”.

In this episode, I reveal the three biggest obstacles to reuniting with your true, authentic self and how to overcome them.

To help you integrate what you are learning, I also guide you through a journal prompt and ten empowering affirmations to strengthen your self-worth.


Every Thursday, beginning April 14, a new episode of my “Weekly Insights with Joanie” is released.

Consisting of five-to-eight-minute videos, each episode serves as mini-workshop on how to remove limiting beliefs and unseen obstacles on your life path so you can experience more love, happiness, and fulfillment.

The content and visuals in the “Weekly Insights with Joanie” are based on my new, groundbreaking online courses, available on UDEMY.

Joanie Marx

A leading authority on refocusing and renewing your life, Joanie Marx, is a three-time international bestselling author and Storytelling Magician™ who is revolutionizing the way people of all ages create sustainable love, abundance, and happiness in their lives.

Joanie’s groundbreaking online courses on UDEMY deliver transformational tips, techniques, and proven processes to immediately improve your overall well-being and enhance the quality of your life.

She is the host of three engaging and empowering weekly video series, which launched in April of 2022 on her YouTube channel.

Joanie is also a regular contributor to the popular online magazine, Sixty and Me.