Journal 1

Journal Prompt for July


Create some time to write out one desire that makes your heart sing when you think about being, doing, or having more of it in your life.

After you have written that out, now write out what limiting beliefs show up when you imagine why you cannot be, do, and have your desire come true.

Next, write out what new, empowering beliefs you want to invest your energy in to be, do, and have more of your deepest desires come true.

After you have written these out, take some time to contemplate what you stand to gain in your life by investing less in your limiting beliefs and placing more of your energy in new, empowering beliefs.

Be sure to journal all the beautiful things you stand to gain.

Most of all, enjoy the process of investing in and integrating your new, more empowering beliefs into your life.


This is an edited version of one of the journal prompts and self-paced exercises for Module 3 of my upcoming online course “Refocus & Renew Your Life®”. In that module, I share a five-step process to “Adopt New Beliefs” that are universal for everyone.


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Joanie Marx

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