The Invisible Customer with All the Money™

You see them everywhere you look. Far more socially and physically active than any previous generation in history, they also carry unparalleled financial influence on society. Yet they are perceived in the world of advertising, and in the media, as unsexy, obsolete and unprofitable.

So who are they?

Some call them Baby Boomers, but they are also the invisible customer with all of the money. In fact, according to research, the 55 and over market have more than $2.3 trillion dollars of disposable income to spend on the people and brands they love.

In this lively and eye-opening presentation, #1 Amazon Best Selling author, Hollywood actress, and Baby Boomer consultantJoanie Marx, shares insider-knowledge and research on where and how the reinterpretation of Seven Baby Boomer Myths is the key to emotionally and profitably connecting with boomers. Having also co-founded and sold a multi-million dollar business, Marx also reveals timely insight for remaining brand relevant with Generation X, many of whom will be in the 55 and over market by 2020.

If you know a brand that is looking to reinvent itself with Baby Boomers, or would like to understand how to further tap into this vast and socially relevant audience, this is a can’t-miss topic, delivered by an unforgettable speaker.  


  • How your company can profit from the Seven Baby Boomer Myths.
  • Where 80% of boomers spend their time online and why your brand should be there.
  • The most profitable market segments for Baby Boomers (they’re not what you think).
  • How to free your brand from the ‘disengagement theory’.
  • The golden rule of advertising that causes companies to lose billions every year.
  • Three labels that turn Baby Boomers against your brand.
  • The mythical disease that scares companies from advertising to Baby Boomers.

To You, It’s More Than Just Another Event. So Get More Than Just Another Speaker. 

A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Psychology, the multi-faceted career of Joanie Marx spans both the world of Hollywood and business.

With 30 years as a full-time actress, she has appeared in several national commercials and co-starred in dozens of television shows, films and stage plays. Along the way, she also founded and sold a multi-million dollar business. Her first book, “Facelifts, Money & Prince Charming: Break Baby Boomer Myths & Live Your Best Life” is a #1 Amazon Best Seller.

Joanie’s wide-ranging experience and emotionally relevant topics connects with audiences of all sizes and ages. 

“The poignant and intimate way you conveyed the message of abandonment and rejection in relationships deeply resonated with everyone in the audience.”

~ Julie Clark – Director and Event Coordinator of V-Day, Los Angeles ~

“You have such a gift for turning complex and emotionally powerful subjects into unforgettable moments of laughter and inspiration that people can personally relate to. By bringing the audience in with you on your journey they not only resonate with your story, but they learn to connect with parts of themselves that can have a positively life-altering impact.”

~ Isabel Storey – Co-Founder of Shine ~

“Your ideas and personable approach for fostering interpersonal communication and teamwork is revolutionary. You tailored the workshop and exercises to the needs of our bank and played a huge role in bridging a gap between genders, generations and cultures.”

~ Alfred Munyan, Wells Fargo ~



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