Meet Joanie
"Out of all the speakers and
performers, you were consistently
the best. Thank you for being
a part of our event.”

~ Megan Titus ~
Event Coordinator & Co-Producer
of V-Day, Los Angeles
"You have such a gift for turning
complex and emotionally powerful
subjects into unforgettable
moments of laughter and
inspiration that people can
personally relate to.”

~ Isabel Story ~
Co-Founder of Shine

Renew and Refocus Your Life™

What if we were raised to love ourselves with less shame and blame? Instead of being ridiculed for our differences, how much more of a fulfilling life could any of us have created if we’d been taught to see beauty in the unique ways we genuinely and naturally express ourselves?

With vivid and emotionally relevant story-telling, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Hollywood actress, and Baby Boomer Advocate, Joanie Marx, delivers a life-altering jolt of renewed excitement and refocused optimism in her follow up book to the #1 Amazon Best Selling book, “Facelifts, Money, & Prince Charming”.  

Based on several years of research, coupled with insider knowledge of the entertainment industry and a unique perspective for adopting new beliefs late in life, Joanie shows people of all generations how to rediscover our inner Prince Charming and where to Renew and Refocus Your Life™ in the now of nows. With humor and refreshing honesty, Joanie also addresses the Seven Baby Boomer Myths we were raised on.


* 6 sure-fire tips for undoing the fears of being discarded, unseen and abandoned as we age.

* How to be the love that you seek, without giving away who you are.

* To identify excess baggage in life and how to let go of what no longer serves.

* Seven primary areas to refocus and renew your life right now.

* A stimulating framework to adopt new beliefs.

* What are the Seven Baby Boomer Myths and how to break them – no matter your age.

* The secret to rewriting your life’s story the Hollywood way.

* The truth about age, sex and money that the media ignores and what can be done about it.

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