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Joanie Marx's groundbreaking online courses improve your overall well-being and enhance the quality of your life.

Based on over ten years of research, Joanie’s new groundbreaking online courses on UDEMY deliver transformational tips, techniques, and proven processes to reclaim the power of your true self and create sustainable love, abundance, and happiness in your life.

Launched in 2022, Joanie’s three online, self-paced courses take you on an inner journey to rediscover true love within yourself by learning how to break free of the Seven Myths of Love & Happiness™.



Refocus & Renew Your Life®

Refocus & Renew Your Life®

Create Abundant Relationships, Emotional Well-Being & Unlimited Prosperity 

Finding True Love

Finding True Love

An Inner Journey to Effortlessly Attract Everlasting Love, Happiness & Fulfillment

Drive-Thru, Make It Your Own®

Drive-Thru, Make It Your Own®

How to Let go of Limiting Beliefs & Create the Life of Your Dreams

Joanie Marx is your guide to Refocus & Renew Your Life®

A leading authority on refocusing and renewing your life, Joanie Marx, is a Storytelling Magician™ who is revolutionizing the way people of all ages create sustainable love, abundance, and happiness in their lives. 

Joanie’s groundbreaking online courses on UDEMY deliver transformational tips, techniques, and proven processes to immediately improve your overall well-being and enhance the quality of your life.

She is the host of three engaging and empowering weekly video series, which launched in April of 2022 on her YouTube channel. 

Joanie is a three-time international bestselling author, including the 2020 #1 Amazon International Bestselling book, “In Spite Of…:How to Refocus & Renew Your Life in Spite of the Obstacles on the Path to Love & Happiness”. 

Joanie is also a regular contributor to the popular online magazine, Sixty and Me.  Read her inspiring articles here. 

If you are ready to create the life you desire without emotional baggage weighing you down…this book is for you!

In Spite Of - #1 Amazon International Bestseller -

In the highly anticipated sequel to her first book, #1 International Amazon Best-Selling Author, Joanie Marx, dives deeper into The Seven Myths of Love & Happiness® and how to break the rules that enforce them.

In the pages of, In Spite Of…  Joanie delivers eye-opening insights that are eloquently woven into inspiring true stories for overcoming your life’s biggest obstacles with the help of the Six Steps to Refocus & Renew Your Life®.

From learning how to unpack your emotional baggage to unlocking the power of your true self, this book will show you that doors of opportunity can be opened at any time and at any age when you Refocus & Renew Your Life™. 


In October 2020, Joanie joined 20 other leading edge entrepreneurial influencers and business leaders to co-author the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling book, “The Experts Cure: How Entrepreneurs Are Changing the World”.

Joanie’s chapter is titled “The Invisible Customer With All the Money®”.

In her groundbreaking chapter, Joanie shares not only her inspiring journey as a Storytelling Magician™, but Joanie reveals how the media has portrayed the 50+ consumer as old, obsolete, and unsexy and what brands can do to authentically engage with this influential consumer by telling a new, more empowering narrative.

In Spite Of... is available as an audiobook, narrated by Jodie Bentley

“You took my words and created a multi-dimensional performance with heart. You brought an abundance of life, passion, and enthusiasm to the project.” 

~ Sarah Chase ~

Lead Copywriter, Walter Thompson, New York 

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~ Mellisa Paul ~

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