Hi, this is Joanie Marx. I want to thank you for signing up for my eBook, “Refocus & Renew Your Life™”. This is a prelude to my upcoming book of the same name, which is a sequel to my #1 Amazon Best Seller, “Facelifts, Money & Prince Charming®”.

The full book is due out in September of 2017, but you don’t have to wait that long to start renewing and refocusing your life in the now of nows.

With over 40 pages of heart-expansive content, the eBook you’re about to read will introduce you to six life-changing steps for letting go of the baggage that’s holding you back from loving all that you are and reclaiming your self-worth.

No matter how old you are or what generation you are from, we all grew up wanting to be loved and desiring a life that truly is magical. Somewhere along the way, however, we found life was not all that we thought it would be.

What happened?

Each of us has personally experienced the trials and tribulations of chasing the desires of our heart. Whether we found them or not, it’s not uncommon for us to be left unfulfilled and wondering if this is all there is to life.

Where did these desires to be loved and the myths about living a magical life come from? 

Are they really our desires? 

Or were these desires placed in our minds in the form of rules and myths handed down to us by family, society, and the media?

If so, can these rules and myths be broken in order for us to refocus and renew our life in the areas that matter most?

The rules and myths can be broken and you can refocus & renew your life – right now!

And I am about to show you where and how.

Here’s the link to download your copy of the eBook, “Refocus & Renew Your Life™”.

eBook – Refocus & Renew Your Life – By Joanie Marx

Enjoy and I look forward to hearing about your experiences reading and applying the steps for refocusing and renewing your life, when and where it matters most.

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Joanie Marx