Joanie Marx – No Cheese Down That Path

Life is improvisational. It doesn’t always follow our script. Life
would be easier if we accepted this, but most people don’t.

This is where best selling author, Hollywood actress, and Baby
Boomer Advocate, Joanie “McGranny” Marx, comes in.

In her riveting and life-altering presentation, your audience will
be given a front-row seat to Joanie’s one-of-a-kind performance,
where she unveils the Seven Baby Boomer Myths and how to
break them to create a new path for living one’s best life – not in
the past or future – but right now. She achieves this through
unparalleled story-telling, a personable sense of humor and a
no-nonsense approach to navigating life’s most pressing issues
in a unique style that appeals to a wide and diverse audience.

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